Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Chifley Conversations: QAnon And On

How did we get to a point where apparently ordinary citizens believe internet conspiracy theories that speak of “lizard people” controlling shadowy networks of government offices and major businesses, where an American man feels the need to shoot up a Washington DC pizza restaurant because he’s convinced that Hilary Clinton was killing and eating children in its cellar?

Van Badham decided to take a good look at QAnon and others behind the conspiracies after writing an article exploring some of them and finding herself accused by those who believe them of furthering the interests of a “child-killing cabal”. What she learned and tell us is in her book, QAnon and On, is beyond surreal. QAnon and On chronicles a cocktail of the modern internet, estranged political belief and disinformation can posing a serious threat to democracy itself. It’s been described as “Shocking and mesmerising in equal measure”, something that will “…open our eyes to the dangers of partisan belief”.