Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Chifley Conversations: ‘Digital Picket Lines: the Future of Unions & Worker Representation?’

How are unions travelling after a four-decade long assault on labour rights and declines in membership levels? What are the best strategies for unions to thrive and succeed for their members today? Hear some answers as we talk Digital Picket Lines with RMIT Distinguished Professor Anthony Forsyth and Caterina Cinanni of the United Workers’ Union. Anthony’s new book, The Future of Unions and Worker Representation: The Digital Picket Line, follows a study of what has worked and not worked for unions across four countries over the last forty years. We be asking him to tell us whether innovations in recruiting, communicating, campaigning and digital engagement alone are sufficient for unions to fulfill their purpose today, or do they need to be accompanied by political and legal changes? And the UWU’s Caterina Cinanni will joining us to provide a unionist’s perspective.