Inclusive Prosperity

Closing the Gender Pay Gap By Brett Gale

It’s been 50 years since the first equal pay act in Australia and it shouldn’t take another 50 years to achieve gender pay equity.  Chifley Research Centre’s newest research report Read More

Inequality In Australia: A Bill to shift the debate By Jenny McAllister

Seventy years after Australia’s burst of post-war institution building, it’s time to reorient our economic institutions to the challenges of our times. That’s why I’m introducing a bill to require Read More

Report “Inequality: The Facts and the Future” By Michael Cooney

The Inclusive Prosperity Commission is a major policy project of the Chifley Research Centre, the think tank of the Australian Labor Party. Since its launch in 2014, the Commission has Read More

Why is everyone talking about Medicare privatisation? By Michael Cooney

Malcolm Turnbull has started saying the Government won’t privatise Medicare. Is that even a thing? We explain. The West Australian newspaper revealed a big secret in February this year. The newspaper’s Read More

What is the difference between Labor and Liberal on Medicare? By Michael Cooney

For more than thirty years, Medicare has been there when Australians need it. A sick child in the night, a pensioner with a persistent headache, a middle or working class Read More

Future of Work

It’s time to change the laws for workers By Tim Kennedy

Over the last few decades, the way we live and work has changed, and our workplace laws have not kept up. The Fair Work Act, which sets out the laws for Read More

CRACKDOWN By Cressida Wall

What do Garfield Barwick and Josh Frydenberg have in common? Let me give you a clue: paid parental leave. The notorious Cressida Wall explains.   Oh my god.   A week after the Budget, Read More


Over the weekend, on May Day, many Australians lined the city streets marching in commemoration of the achievements of workers. It’s a telling sign of solidarity internationally as people the world Read More

Inclusive prosperity: What next? By David Coats

The Chifley Research Centre were kind enough to organise a programme of meetings for me in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne to coincide with the publication of my paper Building a Read More

Inequality is impacting our politics and our lifespans By David Coats

We should fear the effects of inequality on our politics and our lifespans, not just our economy and society. Inequality isn’t just destabilising capitalism or denying our people a fair Read More

New Progressive Thinking

Moving from Broadcast to Movement Campaigning By Daniel Stone

As the polls began to close in the west on the evening of 18th May, I sat keenly watching the results already rolling in along the east coast. 80s music Read More

Environment law review: Cuts and mismanagement at heart of Morrison Government failure By Terri Butler

The second 10-yearly review of Australia’s most significant environmental law, which commenced last week, must not be an opportunity for misdirection. The Liberals and Nationals have not increased the amount of Read More

Beyond 2019 and Towards 2022 By Ryan Batchelor

May 18 seems like such a long time ago. For many of us it still feels incredibly raw. Every day we see the consequences of Labor’s failure to win the Read More

Close the Gender Pay Gap Now By Brett Gale

As the world celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing recently here in Australia another significant 50th anniversary passed, one that didn’t receive anywhere near as much commemoration as Read More

Thoughts from Down Under By Brett Gale

Our Executive Director was asked by a UK think tank to draw some initial lessons for international social democrats audience from Labor’s election loss.  Here are his thoughts. In the space Read More

Progress is happening

Interview with Matthew Laza, Director of the Policy Network

As social democratic parties continue to lose elections in Europe they are increasingly looking to Australia and New Zealand as beacons of hope.  Chifley Executive Director Brett Gale recently caught Read More

Shake up energy market regulation now!

Gabrielle Kuiper explains how to make the energy market a strength, not a weakness, for the environment and growth We need a shake-up of energy market regulation The independent Review of Governance Read More

Raising the GST is a lazy reflex by conservatives

Chifley Executive Director Michael Cooney takes the long handle to the so-called policy arguments for a GST The right-wing brain explosion over a higher GST is a case of evidence-free policy. Read More

Increasing structural inequality and gender pay gap put a drag on economic growth

Katharine Murphy reports on our latest paper. Labor think tank says party conference must address nation's rising inequality A new paper produced by the inclusive prosperity commission attached to Labor’s official thinktank, Read More

Labor pulls the right levers

Labor's conference showed good politics and good policy converge in the here and now, writes Nicholas Reece in the Age Labor is finally on the right side of the debate. Watch Read More


To win the battle of ideas, progressive voices must be ever present in the media, taking the battle head on. Here are our most recent media appearances.

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  • Cameron Clyne

    Cameron Clyne is the former CEO of National Australia Bank and now chairman of advisory firm Camel Partners and a

    Catherine King

    Catherine King is the Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development.

    Cilla DeLacy

    Cilla has 20 years’ experience in public policy and corporate strategy across the water, land use planning and environmental management

    David Coats

    David Coats is in Australia as a Visitor at the Chifley Research Centre. He is a research fellow at the

    Gabrielle Kuiper

    Dr Gabrielle Kuiper has a background in science, sustainability and urban planning. She was previously Senior Adviser, Climate Change, Energy

    Jim Chalmers

    Jim Chalmers MP is Shadow Treasurer, and the federal Labor Member for Rankin. Prior to his election he was

    Linda Tirado

    Linda Tirado is a completely average American. She also has good rants about how much it sucks to be poor

    Terri Butler

    Terri Butler is the Shadow Minister for the Environment and Water, and the federal Labor Member for Griffith, Queensland.

    Tim Kennedy

    Tim Kennedy is national secretary of the United Workers Union, organising for secure jobs and a fair Australia.

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