Policy Development

Why the Minimum Wage Should Do More To Fight Inequality By Matt Cowgill

Should public policy aim to boost the living standards of low-paid workers? If so, which lever of public policy should we pull to achieve that goal? For most of the 20th Read More

13 Jun 2013 in Policy Development

Rethinking the Welfare State By Dennis Glover

Labor has begun the process of reviewing our platform. The welfare state is one of the major areas that will be reconsidered. As economies evolve, welfare states must evolve as Read More

31 May 2013 in Policy Development

A Labo(u)r Vision for the Economy and Government By Tim Lyons

I think it’s appropriate to start from a first principles basis, specifically by asking the question – what is the show about? I think our economic goal (past, present and future) Read More

08 May 2013 in Policy Development
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  • Cameron Clyne

    Cameron Clyne is the former CEO of National Australia Bank and now chairman of advisory firm Camel Partners and a

    Catherine King

    Catherine King is the Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development.

    Cilla DeLacy

    Cilla has 20 years’ experience in public policy and corporate strategy across the water, land use planning and environmental management

    David Coats

    David Coats is in Australia as a Visitor at the Chifley Research Centre. He is a research fellow at the

    Gabrielle Kuiper

    Dr Gabrielle Kuiper has a background in science, sustainability and urban planning. She was previously Senior Adviser, Climate Change, Energy

    Jim Chalmers

    Jim Chalmers MP is Shadow Treasurer, and the federal Labor Member for Rankin. Prior to his election he was

    Linda Tirado

    Linda Tirado is a completely average American. She also has good rants about how much it sucks to be poor

    Terri Butler

    Terri Butler is the Shadow Minister for the Environment and Water, and the federal Labor Member for Griffith, Queensland.

    Tim Kennedy

    Tim Kennedy is national secretary of the United Workers Union, organising for secure jobs and a fair Australia.

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