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Possibility before protest By Brad Chilcott

As founder and national director of Welcome to Australia my dream is that many thousands of refugees and other migrants arrive safely in Australia every year to be welcomed into Read More

11 Jun 2015 in New Progressive Thinking

“The integrity of the partisan” By Michael Cooney

This is an edited version of remarks to the Australian National Univeristy Meet the Author series, Canberra, 12 May 2015 What do we think of the person who thinks with the Read More

19 May 2015 in New Progressive Thinking

“Egalitarianism is under threat”? By Paula Matthewson

Paula Matthewson is a freelance communications adviser and writer on politics. She was media advisor to John Howard in the early 1990s and has worked in communications, political and advocacy Read More

04 May 2015 in New Progressive Thinking

Michael Cooney’s thanks to former PM Gillard at the launch of The Gillard Project: By Michael Cooney

BOOK LAUNCH   Julia Thanks – I think. I wish I’d written that. Right. I have at least two messages, at least two audiences, and far too many acknowledgements. It’s a definite Cooney-Gillard special. At Read More

04 May 2015 in New Progressive Thinking

Former Prime Minister Gillard’s speech to launch The Gillard Project: By Julia Gillard

Michael, thank you - for the invitation to be here tonight, for this thoughtful yet funny book and for being one of the great contemporary characters of Australian Labor politics.   I Read More

04 May 2015 in New Progressive Thinking

Innovation and Skills for Australia in the Asian century By Polo Guilbert-Wright

Humans are biologically designed to be curious. I see it daily in my two-year-old son. He’s constantly discovering new things he can do. He learns by trial and error. The Read More

30 Apr 2015 in New Progressive Thinking

What does a ‘technology neutral’ approach to energy policy making mean? By Gabrielle Kuiper

It means the emissions-intensive status quo rules in Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM). The Abbott Government’s Energy White Paper released recently seeks to ‘ensure a technology-neutral policy and regulatory framework to Read More

29 Apr 2015 in New Progressive Thinking

Excerpt: The Gillard Project by Michael Cooney reveals the humour at her core By Michael Cooney

People ask me: what is Julia Gillard really like? As a person, she is resilient, game, proud, yes; she has character to burn. Above all, though, Julia Gillard is funny Read More

22 Apr 2015 in New Progressive Thinking

Reform is not dead, you’re just doing it wrong By Terri Butler

All those who are handwringing should take heart. Australia is not “ungovernable”. Reform is not dead. You are just doing it wrong. There’s a theory around that no modern government can Read More

12 Apr 2015 in New Progressive Thinking

Health and the Federation By Catherine King

There are few more respected institutions in Australia than Medicare. Universal health care is now such an article of faith that even conservative governments seeking to tear it down have Read More

08 Apr 2015 in New Progressive Thinking
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  • Cameron Clyne

    Cameron Clyne is the former CEO of National Australia Bank and now chairman of advisory firm Camel Partners and a

    Catherine King

    Catherine King is the Shadow Minister for Health and Member for Ballarat.

    Cilla DeLacy

    Cilla has 20 years’ experience in public policy and corporate strategy across the water, land use planning and environmental management

    David Coats

    David Coats is in Australia as a Visitor at the Chifley Research Centre. He is a research fellow at the

    Gabrielle Kuiper

    Dr Gabrielle Kuiper has a background in science, sustainability and urban planning. She was previously Senior Adviser, Climate Change, Energy

    Jim Chalmers

    Jim Chalmers MP is Shadow Minister for Finance, and the federal Labor Member for Rankin. Prior to his election

    Linda Tirado

    Linda Tirado is a completely average American. She also has good rants about how much it sucks to be poor

    Terri Butler

    Terri Butler is the federal Labor Member for Griffith, Queensland.

    Tim Kennedy

    Tim Kennedy is national secretary of the National Union of Workers, organising for secure jobs and a fair Australia.

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