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Give Australia’s Environment the Protection It Deserves By Brett Gale

It’s an odd paradox of Australian life that while we love to boast globally about our natural environment we don’t really have the structures in place to adequately protect it. The Read More

20 Nov 2018 in New Progressive Thinking

Protecting the Future: Federal Leadership for Australia’s Environment By Brett Gale

Australians are immensely proud of our natural environment. From our golden beaches to our verdant rainforests, Australia seems to be a nation blessed with an abundance of nature’s riches. Our Read More

16 Nov 2018 in New Progressive Thinking

Will India ever Align with the West? By Kadira Pethiyagoda

When Indian and American Foreign and Defence Ministers/Secretaries met this week, they signed an agreement which would further strengthen security ties and the broader strategic partnership between the two countries.  Read More

24 Oct 2018 in New Progressive Thinking

Loneliness: Our Public Health Problem By Andrew Giles

Australians aren’t known for talking about their problems, or for reaching out to others. This needs to change, because social isolation is on the rise and its effects are alarming. A Read More

03 Sep 2018 in New Progressive Thinking

What the BCA should be doing but isn’t By Brett Gale

For most Australians the ability of Australia’s business lobby to continually offer a “tin ear” to the views of average Australians is flabbergasting. The latest example is the proposal by Read More

04 May 2018 in New Progressive Thinking

Book Review: “The Rise of the Outsiders:  How Mainstream Politics Lost its Way” By Brett Gale

A spectre is haunting Europe.  So began the opening words of one of the most famous political treatises of all time.  But it’s not Karl Marx’s spectre of communism that Read More

30 Apr 2018 in New Progressive Thinking

Like whisky, too much inequality is a bad thing By Terri Butler

Inequality, like whisky, is better taken in moderation. Margaret Thatcher reportedly liked the latter and didn’t much care about the former. There are those who say, as she did, that Read More

11 Apr 2018 in New Progressive Thinking

Facebook isn’t the only one in trouble By Ed Husic

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg made his new year’s resolution pretty public. In January, he told the world his personal priority was: fixing Facebook. In March, as outrage about Facebook’s failure Read More

27 Mar 2018 in New Progressive Thinking

Environmental laws for the 21st Century By Felicity Wade

OUR ENVIRONMENT LAWS ARE BROKEN Australia’s environment laws are broken. In 1999 the Howard Government delivered the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Protection Act that administers the Commonwealth Government’s responsibilities for protecting Read More

09 Oct 2017 in New Progressive Thinking

Interview with Terence Szuplat By Michael Cooney

Terence Szuplat was a Special Assistant to the President and served as a foreign policy speechwriter for President Barack Obama from 2009-2017 and deputy director of White House speechwriting from Read More

13 Feb 2017 in New Progressive Thinking
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    Cameron Clyne is the former CEO of National Australia Bank and now chairman of advisory firm Camel Partners and a

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    Cilla has 20 years’ experience in public policy and corporate strategy across the water, land use planning and environmental management

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