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Crisis = Danger + Opportunity By Chifley Research Centre

By Jenny McAllister Its said that the Chinese character for crisis is a combination of the characters for danger and opportunity. What can this fact tell us about Review 2010's warning of Read More

10 May 2011 in New Progressive Thinking

Conference Wrap Up: Building a Progressive Australia By Nick Martin

Being the oldest political party in Australia, Labor and the progressive movement have a proud legacy of innovation and progress in Australian society. Our movement has laid the basis for Read More

06 May 2011 in New Progressive Thinking

The hard labour of rebuilding progressive politics By Tim Dixon

The community’s distaste right now for politicians and the political process is really something. Labor is suffering the brunt of that disenchantment – and we’ve done our fair share to Read More

29 Apr 2011 in New Progressive Thinking

Winning from Opposition By Chifley Research Centre

Bruce Hawker We often hear commentators say "oppositions don't win elections, governments lose them". What a load of rubbish. A well organised, highly disciplined and clear thinking opposition can take a Read More

29 Apr 2011 in New Progressive Thinking

Developing leadership for a progressive Australia By Chifley Research Centre

Damian Ogden Democracy works best when the largest possible number of people participate and exercise their power. Social democracy arises when politicians and leaders engage with the community beyond a short-term Read More

29 Apr 2011 in New Progressive Thinking

Reviving the common good By Chifley Research Centre

David McKnight I want to begin to discuss the ideas and values which underlie social democratic parties and institutions by looking at the other end of the political spectrum. Over the last Read More

29 Apr 2011 in New Progressive Thinking

The False Trade-Off of Prosperity and Fairness By Chifley Research Centre

David Hetherington At the heart of a debate around the future of work and the economy is a presumed trade-off: prosperity versus fairness.  Economists like to dress this up as efficiency Read More

29 Apr 2011 in New Progressive Thinking

The Case for Active Government By Chifley Research Centre

Jean Curthoys Social democracy is such a vague notion that it is customary to spell it out as a set of concrete policies. I’m not going to do that because I Read More

17 Apr 2011 in New Progressive Thinking

The Rich Heritage of Progressive Values By Chifley Research Centre

Dr Tim Soutphommasane It wasn’t all that long ago that many on the Labor side of politics entertained the idea of a reforming golden age, a renewal of Australian social democracy. Read More

17 Apr 2011 in New Progressive Thinking

Between Extremes: Rebuilding Mainstream Progressive Politics By Chifley Research Centre

Dr. Nick Dyrenfurth Ever since Julia Gillard appeared with Bob Brown to sign off the Labor/Greens Party Parliamentary Agreement on September 1 last year her foes in parliament and the media Read More

17 Apr 2011 in New Progressive Thinking
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  • Cameron Clyne

    Cameron Clyne is the former CEO of National Australia Bank and now chairman of advisory firm Camel Partners and a

    Catherine King

    Catherine King is the Shadow Minister for Health and Member for Ballarat.

    Cilla DeLacy

    Cilla has 20 years’ experience in public policy and corporate strategy across the water, land use planning and environmental management

    David Coats

    David Coats is in Australia as a Visitor at the Chifley Research Centre. He is a research fellow at the

    Gabrielle Kuiper

    Dr Gabrielle Kuiper has a background in science, sustainability and urban planning. She was previously Senior Adviser, Climate Change, Energy

    Jim Chalmers

    Jim Chalmers MP is Shadow Minister for Finance, and the federal Labor Member for Rankin. Prior to his election

    Linda Tirado

    Linda Tirado is a completely average American. She also has good rants about how much it sucks to be poor

    Terri Butler

    Terri Butler is the federal Labor Member for Griffith, Queensland.

    Tim Kennedy

    Tim Kennedy is national secretary of the National Union of Workers, organising for secure jobs and a fair Australia.

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