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Budgeting for inequality By Jim Chalmers

Joe Hockey’s speech this week shows the Budget will make Australia less equal, not by accident but by design, argues Jim Chalmers. Simon Sinek is not a household name in Australia Read More

12 Jun 2014 in New Progressive Thinking

Making the good better By Bill Nicol

The single greatest problem we as a nation have in confronting disasters is that we define them too narrowly. We are not alone in this. It is a common Western Read More

12 Jun 2014 in New Progressive Thinking

An imported day without importance By Elliot Stein

It's hard not to love a long weekend. A good chance to recharge the batteries, spend time with friends and family, maybe even duck down to the coast. Public holidays are Read More

09 Jun 2014 in New Progressive Thinking

Pursuing the politics of change By Vittorio Trevitt

The Whitlam Government introduced landmark reforms and paved the way for a more progressive Australia. Vittorio Trevitt tells us the UK perspective...  The concept of change is central to the identity of the Read More

08 Jun 2014 in New Progressive Thinking

The sullen stealth of disaster By Bill Nicol

This is the first article in a series entitled The Disaster Blogs. Western nations, not just Australia, are in the process of a massive economic transformation. Just look at the middle class. Read More

05 Jun 2014 in New Progressive Thinking

Our vision – Labor values in practice By Sinclair Armour

Sinclair Armour tell us how promoting Labor values can be put into policy practice.  Things have changed over the century since the formation of the Australian Labor Party. The older one Read More

03 Jun 2014 in New Progressive Thinking

Australia would never be as egalitarian as it is without trade unions By Maheswaran Sridaran

A defining feature of Australia is its claim that it is a country which has an egalitarian society; that is a claim that Australia has always made, throughout its history, Read More

22 May 2014 in New Progressive Thinking

Power should be used to build, not destroy By Shawn Lambert

Shawn Lambert tells us how the debate on repealing section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act shines a light on the worst of conservative politics.  What is the purpose of political Read More

20 May 2014 in New Progressive Thinking

Pension age restricts choices for the poor By Louise Crossman

Joe Hockey’s proposal to lift the pension qualifying age will mean poor and marginalised people are forced to work longer while the wealthy will still be able to choose when Read More

16 May 2014 in New Progressive Thinking

Budget Day in Absurdia By Chifley Research Centre

Chifley staff writer JM Butskell* hopes we aren't headed for an economic slumber. William James, widely considered the founder of American psychology once observed that “there's nothing so absurd that if Read More

13 May 2014 in New Progressive Thinking
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